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Sample System Quote

Brewhouse-two vessels:   All stainless steel
1 – Insulated, CIP, sprayball, screen plate, sight glass screen
– Bi-directional rake.
Kettle/Whirlpool  1

– Steam jacketed, steam or direct heat
– Agitator, bottom mounted

Fermenter unitank /or
Brite Tank

All stainless steel 304, 2-zone, cone and body insulated-jacketed,  manway themometer, thermo-well, sampling valve, CIP, sprayball, pressure gauge, 60 degree cone
Hot liquor tank 1SS, Insulated
CIP Caustic & sanitization tank 2 SS, single wall on pushcart with CIP pump
Cold Liquor tank SS Double wall, insulated
Heat exchanger Plate type
Malt mill 2 roller, adjustable with hopper
Brewer’s platform All stainless multi-step non-slip platform
Semi auto control Temperature, pressure, control panel, touch screen PLC
PumpStainless steel
Accessories – Clamps, Valves, gaskets, fittings, hoses, pipes, hand tools, sugar meter, washers, measure tube, sensors
Optional: Steam boiler, filtration system, R.O.

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