We have many sizes of fermenters in stock in our warehouse ready to ship! If we don’t have them just contact us and we can go ahead and custom manufacture the size for you. We can do they same for any special requests! For example, if you have a height limitation and you want a wider but shorter tank we can take care of you.

Standard sizes listed below

3.5bbl, 5bbl, 7bbl, 10bbl, 15bbl, 20bbl, 30bbl, 40bbl, 45bbl, 50bbl, 60bbl, 80bbl, 90bbl, 100bbl+ more

We typically stock jacketed tanks from 3.5bbl to 60bbl in our warehouse in Vallejo, CA.

Fermenter Specifications

  • Stainless Steel 304
  • 2B internal and external polish
  • fully welded exterior,
  • jacketed, insulated & clad,
  • dual zone for 5bbl and above,
  • 4″ hop port (5bbl and above)
  • 60 degree cone
  • standard design pressure 15 psi
  • lift and ladder hooks (for 5bbl and up)
  • top or side manway (depending on size 5bbl and below are top, some 5bbl and all 7bbl and above are side manway)
  • Shadowless side manway where applicable
  • CO2 port
  • thermowell port
  • pressure/vacuum relief valve
  • sampling valve
  • CIP arm & spinner spray ball
  • pressure gauge
  • adjustable feet
  • 25% free headroom,
  • three butterfly valves
  • racking arm

If you have any questions or wish for a quote contact us below

    Pacific Brewery Systems Inc.
    Frank Ma
    Address: 1060 Madrone Avenue,
    Vallejo, CA 94592

    Tel: (707) 674-1111